___ to install "net.rmte" you have to unpack the "net.rmte.sit"-file!
___ make shure that you have configured your OMS properly!

___ i will describe the configuration with Cubase 5.0, you may also setup the whole thing with another sequencer in a similar way!
___ then, start your Cubase and open the menu "Options-Remote Setup"-Setup.
___ a small window should appear. it's called "VST Remote". Select "Generic Remote" in the "Remote" pull-down-menu!
___ choose an Input! "Cubase" for example! please remember your selected Remote-Input! then press "OK"!
___ now, Cubase should have opened a small window with an "EDIT"-button, and press "EDIT"!
___ you should see the "Generic Remote Setup". then, press the "Import"-button and select the "generic remote-import"-file, which is in the downloaded "net.rmte"-folder, and press "open"!
___ now, your Cubase should be configured to receive the midi-information which is sent out by the "net.rmte".

___ AppleTalk should be active and you should have connected an ethernet cable!
___ open the "net.rmte"-application! at the bottom of the window, you will see a name, from your midi-setup! to send informations to your sequencer, you have to click and select the same channel, which you selected for remote-input in your sequencer! then it should work!
___ do the same steps above for every computer you want to control! then it should work!

---Cubase is registrated trademark of Steinberg---