What is "net.rmte"?

"net.rmte" is a free software which enables you to remote control your sequencer! you will ask, why do i need that! so, the pecularity is that it gives you the control over more than one sequencers at the same time! "net.rmte" works in a homenetwork (LAN)! you may connect some computers and remote control the whole network from every computer which has installed the "net.rmte"!
beside the remote control, you have the advances of a midibridge! you may play your masterkeyboard, which is connected to your computer and control a synthesizer on another computer with all features like "controllers", "program change", "pitch bend" and so on...
the whole thing works with the principles of broadcast. so, all informations where sent to every connected computer. that has the advantage that you don't have to do any IP-Adress-Configuration and you don't need a server to connect to!